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For more than forty years De Castel (1997) Inc. has been the recognized leader of vehicle cleaning systems and equipment in Eastern Canada. We are proud of our unparalleled reputation of excellence and award winning sales and service to our customers.

Are you looking for a complete range of quality cleaning equipment for vehicles of all kinds? Cars, trucks, trains, buses, subways, motorcycles and more


Our History


In September 1973, Mr. Charles Bauer, an electrical technician with experience as a car-wash equipment manufacturer, starts a fledging business in the basement of a duplex in the quiet Montreal suburb of Montreal-North. This is where Service de Lave-Auto Enrg. was founded. 

Small but quickly recognized for the quality of service, two years later, Mr. Bauer acquires a competing company and decides to move to a location on De Castelnau street east in Montreal. In doing so, Service de Lave-Auto Enrg. acquires the exclusive rights of Hanna Car Wash equipment for the province of Quebec. 


Short on space, in 1985, our company moves to 4000 square foot building in Rivière des Prairies to service the ever growing customer base. 


In 1995, still growing rapidly, Service et Maintenance De Castel relocates and acquires a 10,000 square foot building again in Rivière des Prairies. 

At this time De Castel becomes the exclusive distributor for PDQ and MacNeil Wash Systems equipment in the province of Quebec and Eastern Ontario. 


Today as the recognized industry leader, Service et Maintenance De Castel (1997) Inc. and our team of dedicated, engaged and enthusiastic members have earned recognition and many awards. We continue to evolve and improve offering a wide and important selection of products and services for all types of vehicle cleaning.

Awards and Distinctions

The quality of the product and services offered by De Castel Inc. as well as the competence of its highly qualified team, have earned De Castel many awards in the field. Here are just a few of them:

Gold Award Annual Sales PDQ

Gold Award – Total Sales Achievement International PDQ

Gold Award – Total Sales Growth PDQ

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