Water Treatment Systems

De Castel offers two types of high quality water treatment systems that can suit all companies in the field of vehicle washing.

PurClean / Pur Water

PurClean is the water treatment system of choice for professionals who want a spotless rinse system. Designed to remove minerals that are found in water, unique and patented process PurClean does not require a water softener. Efficient and economical, the system uses mineral-free water for a flawless final rinse.

For more information download the PurWater Generic PDF file.


Renaren is a very efficient water treatment system, with a purity of 99%!

Requiring a minimum of maintenance and supervision, it has an automatic control system which facilitates handling. Renaren complies with the environmental requirements of the Swedish government's water purification for washing vehicle.

By choosing a Renaren system, you will contribute to a greener environment, while reducing or eliminating the environmental impact.