Self-Service Car Wash

Invest in Self-Service Vehicle Wash Equipment!

Demand for self-service vehicle washing equipment is growing. Today, motorists more aware of the environment are looking for more effective and economical means to wash their vehicle. Self-service vehicle washing systems offer more control to the client.

Self-Service Car Wash Systems

We select our self-service vehicle wash units among the most efficient and easy to maintain on the market. One of our consultants will guide you in choosing the equipment that best suits your needs.

Whether you have one or more wash bays, our Magikist washing units require little space and are very profitable. They conform to CSA standards, made entirely of stainless steel and equipped with electronic coin acceptors.


GinSan Industrie

The Ginsan units offer a compact design and economical functions. Some models allow flexibility in terms of settings, including pressure, allowing a perfect wash every time!

In addition, the Ginsan acceptor offers several opportunities such as the acceptance of four types of currency and credit cards, the LED display screen and customization.

Carolina Pride

The Carolina Pride products are fully customizable. These industrial grade units allow greater washing capacity and at the same time, more profits for the entrepreneur!

The Carolina Pride coin acceptors are among the safest on the market.