The choice of materials used in the construction of your car wash can have a significant impact on its profitability.

Whether renovating an existing building or build new infrastructure, our experts will guide you step by step in the realization of your project.


De Castel inc. offers products from this reputable company for your car wash project, whether it be a self-service, tunnel car wash, or even a truck wash.

Nuform wall systems offer proven long term performance which will give you a guaranteed return on investment.


Nuform Reline

RELINE ® is an innovative paneling system that can be used for ceilings as well as walls. Versatile, lightweight and easy-to-install, it works well for both new construction and renovations reducing project time and cost significantly. You can complete a commercial remodeling project or have your new business facility up and running sooner than you thought possible, and without compromising on building quality.

Advantages of the RELINE® wall and ceiling paneling systems:

  • They fasten directly to an existing wall or truss ceiling speeding up the installation process.
  • The 12” rigid panels come in a variety of standard lengths for immediate shipping as well as custom cut lengths to suit your specific building requirements.
  • Heavy-duty slotted fastening leg allows for easy installation and for panels to move due to expansion and contraction
  • Solid construction offers superior, long-term performance
  • High quality finished surface lasts a lifetime and brightens the interior appearance of the building while reducing energy costs.
  • No gluing is required and concealed fasteners provide a smooth, clean finish.
  • It is virtually maintenance-free as panels will not warp, rust or corrode and never need to be painted.
  • It has a Class A fire rating
  • There are a wide-range of accessories available as well as fasteners
  • It has been evaluated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and is and HACCP Canada recommended, hence, safe to use in agricultural buildings and food facilities.

JPR Door systems

De Castel inc. offers different door models that coordinate with any type of car wash. We offer a range of polycarbonate products equipped with continuous hinges or air. Several styles and colors are available.

The Imperial door series from JPR are manufactured with high quality aluminum alloy. They are assembled to offer safe use and constant operation for many years.


Airlift Door systems

Constructed from lightweight aluminum and polycarbonate, the Alaska Airlift doors can withstand 200 times the impact of a glass door, while maintaining only one eighth the weight.