Trains & Heavy Vehicules Washing

De Castel inc. offers you cutting edge train wash equipment. Their easy to operate flexible design has revolutionized train washing.

Opt for one of these units for results beyond your expectations

The Westmatic Train Washer

Until recently, it wasn’t a simple task to wash train wagons but it’s no longer the case because of the Twin Line train washing system by Westmatic.

This high tech equipment can detect different shapes of wagons and can be set up in order for the train to be washed by entering from the front or the back of the clean-up bay. The Twin Line train washer by Westmatic washes the front, the roof and the rear of the train in one single passage. It has many settings to answer your clientele’s needs in terms of train washing.

With high-density brushes for the top and sides of the train, this equipment can be delivered to you with an integrated drying system and wipers for the passenger windows.

The Twin Line train washer by Westmatic has a recording and train identification function allowing you to predefine the settings for an impeccable and effective cleaning, adapted to each vehicle. It is available in a model compatible to electric or diesel trains and requires minimal space.

The future of train washing is now!