Car Wash

Quebec leader in terms of implementing solutions for businesses operating in the field of vehicle washing, De Castel inc. selects the best performing products on the market to meet the needs of its customers.

PDQ Vehicle Wash System

The new touchless vehicle wash unit, the Laser Wash 360, provides an incomparable return on investment. It stands out for its intuitive operation mode that captures the conditions inside the wash bay. It is faster, the design is simplified and reduces energy costs.

For more information download the LaserWash PDF file


G5 S-Series offers exceptional cleaning results thanks to its energy efficient design, designed to meet the requirements of today's customers. With functions such as system monitoring in real time and many wash options, the G5 S-Series is the vehicle wash system by excellence.

For more information download the LaserWash Touch Freel PDF file

LaserWash AutoXpress

De Castel now offers an affordable automatic car wash designed exclusively for the auto dealer market incorporating the most advanced touch-free technology. The LaserWash® AutoXpress provides you and your customers with quick, exceptional cleaning that is unsurpassed by any other touch-free wash in the auto dealer industry.

For more information download the LaserWash AutoXpress PDF file

OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System

Turn your wash into a glowing success! Put the shine back into your profits with the all new OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System by PDQ.

Not only will your customer love their shiny vehicle, you will love the extra revenue. Available now for the LaserWash 360 and as a retrofit kit for the LaserWash 4000!

For more information download the Overglow PDF file


Not only will the LaserGlow System help improve your customer flow, it can also be configured to work for you 24/7/365 by illuminating your wash bay day and night whether there is a vehicle in your bay or not.

The system can be programmed to display multiple color combinations of flashing patterns, or constant colored illumination that matches your brand image. A glow from your wash bay can be a highly effective marketing tool to draw more attention to your wash site encouraging consumers to take notice and keep your existing customers coming back again and again.

Get your wash noticed 24 hours a day with the LaserGlow Illumination System.


The Tandem car wash is a compact mobile brush unit that offers a choice between washing vehicles with or without friction.

This unit stands out for its flexibility in offering an alternative to car wash operators who appreciate quality wash that provides a friction unit.

ProTouch Icon

The ProTouch® ICON is a three-brush gantry-style system that offers superior aesthetics, a larger wash envelope, next generation brush control precision, amazing illumination packages and revenue generating features synonymous with all PDQ car wash equipment.


PDQ's MaxAir Stand-Alone Dryer is a breakthrough in dryer performance. MaxAir dries vehicles better than ever, yet uses less energy than conventional dryers.

Through innovative design, the MaxAir Stand-Alone Dryer delivers high-velocity air to the vehicle surface – where it’s most important.


Only Access® offers a family of customer management systems that meets every operator's needs.

Every model includes a user-friendly interface, POS options, credit card processing, full reporting capability, Wash Access Loyalty System (WALS) and Site Management System (SMS) compatibility, simple interface with Access® gate and loader system, and remote programmability.



Being the one and only manufacturer in Canada, MacNeil has been offering a wide array of products for over 25 years, known for their functional design, their durability and their profitability.